Proof of Concept Design



This course provides participants with a structured methodology to develop Proof-of-Concepts (POC's) which showcase the technical viability of a novel concept or innovation and transform it into a feasible business opportunity.

This course is designed to de-risk the early stages of technology / innovation commercialisation and business development. This is achieved through experiential tools & techniques which enable participants to undertake & establish the commercial feasibility of a novel concept or innovation project.


On completion of this course, you would have learnt how to:

  • Utilise human-centred design to solve complex challenges.
  • Analyse, design, deploy and validate opportunities through a structured, systemic approach.
  • Design a feasible Proof of concept.


The Proof of Concept target audiences include entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists & researchers that are: 

  • Seeking to develop an idea.
  • Gain market insights on a novel concept or innovation.
  • Establish the commercial feasibility of a scientific or academic research project.
  • Bring a novel concept or innovation to market. 

  • Online, self-paced & modular course content
  • Innovation Design Labs                     
  • Content Library             
  • Case Studies
  • Tools     

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