Virtual Incubation Program

Our virtual incubation program is designed to transform & accelerate digital & technology innovations to become market ready. The program is suitable for e
ntrepreneurs that are developing innovative & novel solutions for complex, multi-faceted problems who require assistance in accelerating their startup growth. 

The program consists of tailored curriculum which are complimented by expert-led bootcamps. The program starts with a deep dive to establish the feasibility of the innovation which is then followed with focused sessions by ecosystem partners who assist entrepreneurs to gain traction & scale.



    Use established evaluation criteria to evaluate the commercial application of the your technology / innovation. 


    Undertake online activities & learn how to evaluate the commercial application of the your technology / innovation. Understand how to assess whether the market problem or unmet need is clearly defined and significant and develop a road map in a language investors will understand.


    Utilise the toolkit to validate & provide evidence of the market opportunity & demonstrate your market-readiness. 

    Undertake focused contact-led sessions with mentors & experts to get assistance with market traction & access to investor networks.

Last modified: Thursday, 5 December 2019, 1:00 PM